Asia’s largest villa area turns out to be a ghost town?

Jingjin New City is located in Baodi District, Tianjin, China, and was once the largest villa area in Asia. However, during its construction, it was more often described as a ghost town, and some media outlets listed it as one of China’s infamous ghost cities. Out of curiosity, we drove to Jingjin New City to explore and film the current state of this city. We even visited a row house priced at just over 3000 yuan per square meter and interviewed a real estate agent who was selling properties there. Through this documentary, we can learn about the situation of Jingjin New City, considered a ghost town, and discover that besides Hegang, Jingjin New City might also be one of the cities with the lowest housing prices in China. With continued investment in infrastructure, real estate remains a hot topic in China. Chinese housing prices have always been a focus of news media, and in 2023, concerns about China’s real estate market are growing. Some areas have started giving away houses for free, while others have even stopped deliveries. The real estate situation in China in 2023 is far from peaceful. In this city known as a ghost town, there are many real estate issues, which also reflect some changes in China’s economy and real estate market.

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